Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite Summertime Places

This is my favorite time of year and the time when I love going to the coast and sitting on the beach to relax for a few minutes or a few hours, whatever my day allows. I usually take my favorite book and sit under the shade of my umbrella and watch the waves roll in. This weekend I was in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina and it was a very nice weekend. We had a few spotty showers but for the most part it was gorgeous.

But I also wanted to mention what else I did this past weekend. I was down to help Pam DuVal of Promised Hearts, Inc. with one of her weddings. The wedding ceremony and the reception were both at the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.

What a great venue to have a reception! The bride and groom were married in the Coastal Plains Gallery and then the reception flowed from one section to another until they arrived at the huge saltwater tank where they had their dinner and dance floor set up.

The bride and groom had a harpist playing during the cocktail hour and a DJ for the dinner and dancing. I only took a few pictures but you can see more pictures on Pam's blog.

Take a look at the Aquarium's rental page to see additional photos of other events they have hosted. If you are thinking of a beach wedding or a wedding somewhere on the coast, the Aquarium is a wonderful idea. Your guests will have a wonderful time. And because of all the interesting exhibits and tanks, it doesn't really require a lot of decorating. Some nice linens and a simple centerpiece and your event will be stunning.

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