Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FREE Gift with Wedding Planning Services

We are currently giving away a free gift for any bride who signs a contract with us for wedding planning services. Contact us for a free one-hour consultation and if you book our services, you will receive a beautiful white ceramic handcrafted ring bearer bowl.

THE ORIGINAL ring bearer dish design from Paloma's Nest that is creating a new tradition in weddings all around the globe. A new spin on the classic ring bearer pillow...See it in the fall/winter 2008 issue of BRIDES regional magazine!! Called the "biggest new idea for wedding ceremonies this year"...This little white ceramic bowl is hand crafted and stamped with the words TO HAVE & TO HOLD.

What makes it different is the two little holes near the top rim, through which silky cotton cord has been laced to hold your rings for your wedding ceremony. This cord can be easily switched out for a ribbon that matches your wedding style.

After the ceremony, the cord can be tied into a loop or a bow, and the bowl can hold jewelry, momentos or other treasures. But that's not all...my favorite part of this piece is that the tiny bowl can also be hung by the cord, on a wall in a special spot (next to your wedding photo would be nice), in a shadow box frame, or on your Christmas tree.

Each piece is handmade of fine white clay, and fired in a kiln; the bowls have a protective matte finish applied to the surface and are designed for decorative use only. Bowls measure approximately 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter...they fit nicely in the palm of your hand.

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