Monday, October 24, 2011

By Candlelight

So who doesn't love the glow of candles? There's something so soothing about the warm calming glow of candlelight mixed with the scent candles in the air. After all, candlelight is associated with comfort and joyous times. Whether relaxing with friends or having a holiday celebration or meal with family, candles are almost always present and associated with smiles and laughter. So today I wanted to share some of our news items in our shop that will help you create that feeling of comfort and joy this holiday season. The sea urchin candle holder above would be perfect on your counter top or even as a centerpiece on your dinning room table. Add two or three for extra ambiance.

Our beautiful new sea urchin Christmas trees are already selling and are sure to be a favorite for holiday decorating this year. Watch for them to featured in the Holiday edition of The Party Dress magazine and blog beginning November 7. Can't wait for you to see how they are displayed! Great ideas for entertaining.

And the newest item in our shop is our jingle shell votive holder. It really gives off a wonderful glow, reflecting all of the beauty of this mysterious shell, of which I happened to find each and every shell on this votive.

Will you have candles on your table this year?


sealaura said...

What a lovely christmas tree! love the soft lights.

Also love your blog, I'll be visiting again. Happy Holiday weekend!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

LOVE the urchin candle holders!!

Anita@comfyheaven coastal pillows said...

I love them all but my favorite one is the sea urchin candle holder. <3 you are very creative..