Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's Your Color?

Happy Friday everyone! Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite coastal color combos for decorating your home. There's nothing more important than color to reflect your style and mood.

One of my favorite things to collect on the beach is seaglass. I find most of my seaglass on the beaches of Topsail Island in North Carolina. My mother has a HUGE collection. I will share a photo of it with you one day. She has some of the largest pieces I've ever seen. I love finding the different shades of blue and green glass. You can't go wrong with the beautiful shades of the sea.

Or you could go with mostly white and accent with small touches of color like the photo above.

Navy and White
Or go bold with the nautical colors of navy and white and maybe even throw in some red for extra accent. I love this rich navy wall with the white sofa in the photo above. A room with lots of windows could handle this color easily! So pretty!

The above outdoor room is so beautiful with the green, fuschia and natural wood colors...feel like you live in the rainforest. This can easily be carried indoors as well.

Neutral and natural decribes this living room. The carpet reminds me of sand and oh to have that beautiful driftwood table! I can smell the salt air now. How about you?

Pastels are calming and soothing. My favorites are light shades of aqua, pink, peach and yellow...the colors of the Caribbean Ocean and the amazing colors of seashells, especially seashell pink. What an amazing bedroom this would be to wake up in your coastal home.

What's your favorite coastal color to decorate your home?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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Love of the Sea said...

I love the whites, pinks and blues. And also greens. So hard to pick a favorite. Love the images you selected!!!
Have a great weekend.