Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun and Novel Wedding Ideas

While having my morning coffee, I was browsing the web and ran across this incredible shot taken by Kay Meyer Photography. What a great capture and what an incredible idea for a fun and unique wedding toss. Those are tiny beach balls the guests tossed up in the air as the bride and groom were pronounced husband and wife. We love fun and original wedding ideas and the wedding photo above definitely captured such a wedding.

Here's a novel idea. Instead of using the same old guestbook that everyone has seen before, why not have your guests relay their wedding wishes on seashells. Pick up some silver and gold permanent ink fine tip markers and ask your guests to write their wedding wish on the inside of the seashell. You can display the shells in your home and pick one up whenever you want to remember that special day again. Your guests won't mind standing in line to sign this guestbook!

Another fun idea is to have a cutout at your reception. Everyone loves the cutouts at amusement parks, especially the kids. But I promise, the adults will love this just as much if not more! There are lots of websites that sell all types of theme cutouts. Guaranteed to make your guests chuckle!

So make it memorable and have FUN!!!

Happy Planning!


beachhouse etc. said...

great idea on the seashells i'm your newest follower found you via OBX trading ...i just put your button on my blog i am all about the beach girl...keep up the beach vibe...suzanne

Jamal said...

Here's another novel wedding idea!

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