Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Beach Wedding Cakes

If you are having a beach wedding one of the main focal points of your wedding reception will likely be the wedding cake. Beach themed wedding cakes are so beautiful to me! The design details options are endless. And besides the bride, the wedding cake will be one of the most looked at and photographed things at the wedding.

I'm sure you are probably collecting photos of your dream wedding day. That's great! But make sure you consult a professional. Usually the more complicated the design, the more that can go wrong. Ask a professional cake baker if the design you have in mind will work for your wedding. You'll need to keep in mind temperatures and other environmental factors.
Also make sure the cake tastes good. Go to a cake tasting with your baker. Tastings are always fun! Sample as many samples as the cake baker will let you. While sampling, also keep in mind not only what you and the groom like, but also what flavors your guests might like. A good way to do this is have different flavors on different layers. That way your guests can pick the flavor they desire.

As for design and prices, wedding cake usually runs anywhere from $1.50 as high as $15.00 a slice. The more complicated the cake, the higher the price tag. Fondant icing is more expensive than buttercream and if you want an elaborate shapes and colors or handmade sugar detailing, you'll pay for the cake designer's labor.
Lastly, before the big day arrives, make sure you know how you and the groom should cut your cake. Talk to your wedding planner before your big day so you won't be totally confused on the day of.

Happy Planning!


Maya said...

These cakes are just gorgeous!

john said...

This cakes was both beautiful and absolutely delicious! I would recommend Liza to anyone for a wedding cake
Thank you so much for creating a beautiful and delicious cake
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