Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Most everyone knows that a "Save-the-Date" announcement lets your guests know the date and location of your big day. They're essential for destination weddings in order to give your guests extra time to schedule vacation time off, arrange for child care, and shop around for a competitive airfare if needed.

Below are some helpful information about Save-the-Dates:

Most paper products take four to six weeks to produce and print, so try to place your order about eight to ten months before your wedding.


You should mail them out just as soon as the final venue contract has been signed, or six to eight months before the wedding. If you are marrying on an extremely busy holiday weekend, consider sending them out even earlier, but never more than a year in advance.


Only send a Save-the-Date to the people on your A list, meaning close friends and family who will definitely be on your final guest list. Once you send this announcement, they are officially invited. There's no taking it back.


Include the date and location. If you already know hotel optinos, flight information, information on the destination, your dress code, etc., feel free to also include that information.

You could create your own Save-the-Dates. Create a "message in a bottle." Roll up your invitation, tie them with a bit of raffia or twine and put them in a bottle with some sand, a few tiny seashells and attach a starfish.
If you are asking guests to travel to a luxury resort or country club, have golf balls engraved with your personal information. Cut out a tiny square of atroturf or fake grass and send each in a box with the golf ball on top.
There are so many creative options you could come up with to create your own Save-the-Dave cards. Whatever you decide, creating your own or buying them, make sure your guests know well in advance the date and location of your special day so they can make plans accordingly.

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