Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hot Color Combinations

I know I talk a lot about color but color is one of the first things your guests will notice at your wedding. So, I wanted to share some of the research I have done on the hottest color combinations.

Right now some of the most popular combos is hot pink, tangerine and green. This color combo works well for spring, summer and fall weddings.

For destination weddings, the ocean will probably be the inspiration for many weddings. People often look to nature for inspiration. The ocean is vital to life and it is so soothing and calm.

Blue and shades of blue-green are very eco-friendly and will probably continue to be popular especially for destination weddings. Use your surroundings as your color palette. For beach weddings you have the beautiful blue-green of the ocean, light blue of the sky and a lovely sandy or linen shade of the sand beneath your feet.

Another beautiful and creative idea for wedding colors is to find your favorite color and make your wedding monochromatic.

Use soft hues of the same color. That way you don’t have to worry about the individual elements because your guests won’t notice when everything is the same color.
Monochromatic can be extremely beautiful especially if you had different textures and fabrics.

The photo above is a beautiful example of a monochromatic bridal bouquet.

Photo by One Lovely Day blog by Project Wedding.
Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I hope it has given you new inspiration for your wedding day.

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