Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spice it Up with Color

Don't be afraid! Go ahead, spice up your wedding with beautiful bold colors. To help you decide on your wedding colors, go to your nearest hardware store or even Walmart. Go to their paint section and let your favorite colors draw you to them. Mix and match until you have the perfect colors. You'll want to incorporate your colors into your invitations, favors, flowers and the wedding party. You should get away from the over-used boring wedding colors and give your wedding a fresh upbeat look.

You could even add a splash of color to your dress. This beautiful dress by would look stunning at a wedding of lavender and silver or lavender and green. Imagine the possibilities.
Below are a list of color combinations for summer weddings. We'd love to hear what your favorite wedding color combos are!

Two-Color Summer Wedding Combinations
Red and Bright Orange
Red and Pink
Lavender and Purple or Violet
Lavender and Sage, Light or Medium Green
Yellow and Pink
Aqua and Turquoise
Aqua and White, Off White or Cream
Turquoise and White, Off White or Cream

Three-Color Summer Wedding Combinations
Pink---Orange---White or Off White
Pink---Light or Medium Green, Sage or Yellow
Purple---Lavender---White, Ivory or Cream
Hot Pink---Purple---Yellow
Hot Pink---Orange---Off White or Cream

Here are some beach wedding colors:

Two-Color Beach Wedding Color Combinations
White and Turquoise
Light Turquoise and Turquoise
Periwinkle and White
Light Green or Lime and Lavender
Off White, Ivory or Cream and Taupe or Tan
Light Blue and Ivory, Off White or Cream

Three-Color Beach Wedding Color Combinations
Light Turquoise ---Turquoise ----White
Light Turquoise ---White ---Cream or Ivory
White --- Cream or Ivory ---Mocha or Tan
Cream, Ivory or Off White--- Mocha or Tan ----Gold
Coral ---Off White, Ivory or Cream ----Mocha or Tan
Dark or Navy Blue ---Light Blue ---White

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