Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Love Seashells and Vintage Bottles!

I'm very excited to share the new bottles I found about a month ago. They were a rare find at a local flea market. My husband and I had our arms filled with these dirty old aqua bottles. That might be why we got such a deal on them. The small bottle with the sea urchin on the top is a very old Rumford Baking Soda bottle. The word RUMFORD is on the front of the bottle. This guy had boxes of bottles but we only grabbed the aqua bottles, which might have been a mistake. I hope I can find him again.

So after cleaning up the bottles, I decorated them with a variety of sea creatures. I added natural jute around the necks of each bottle. I thought they looked beautiful on this vintage mirrored tray I found about a year ago at a local antique store. I painted the tray white and look how beautiful it turned out!

You can find these bottles in my Etsy shop.

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