Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beach Weddings and the Tides

Because this is such important information about having a beach wedding that most people may not think about, I have decided to repost this blog post in its entirety.

If you are having your wedding on the beach, one of the most important things for you to do when picking your wedding date and venue is to determine what the tide will be. The best time to have your wedding on the beach is at low tide. Not only will there be lots of beach area for your setup, but it will eliminate some of the noise from the waves. The surf isn't as loud at low tide as it is at high tide.

Tides can creep up on your quickly. The last thing you want is your guests getting wet during the ceremony or the musicians or sound system getting swept away by the surf. If you can, pick a location that is not affected by the tides.

Below is a link to tide charts for local area beaches in North Carolina. Find your location:

I hope this information is helpful in your planning and keeps your ceremony dry.

Happy Planning!

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