Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seashell Covered Mirror

Even though this is not really wedding related, I still wanted to share with you a DIY project I recently completed. After painting my bedroom a beautiful shade of turquoise blue (Valspar Well Water), I decided I wanted to create a seashell covered mirror. And even though I am referring to this mirror as "seashell covered," it is over with many treasures from the ocean. It has seaglass on it, sea urchins, starfish, coral, glass shells, and some sea sponge that I actually found on the beach. The only thing I didn't add was shark teeth. Didn't think they really fit in to my tranquille theme.

I purchased the mirror from a local antique shop for only $15. After a little minding to the mirror, it was ready to be covered. Here is the before of the mirror.

All you need is a good mirror, lots of seashells and sea creatures for your mirror and a hot glue gun. Here is my finished mirror. Hope you like it. I LOVE it!

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