Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweetheart Table or Head Table?

There's a lot of thought that goes into your seating arrangement for your wedding. You have to take all of your family and friends and decide what will be best in your personal situation, with all of the personalities and hope they will all get along and have a wonderful time. The big question is will you and your groom sit at a sweetheart table or at a head table?

The traditional way would be a head table, but if you are looking for something more intimate and not so traditional, try opting for a sweetheart table for you and your new husband.

Some of the benefits would be you would have a few minutes of along time with your new husband. And if you opted not to have a receiving line, which lots of couples are doing, your guests would know where to go to find you to congratulate you. It also lets your wedding party sit with their significant other as well.

Since you would be along with your groom, it would give you time to eat and get up and mingle with your guests, after all you and your new husband will always be the first to be served whether a seated dinner or a buffet.

Since a lot of brides and grooms are on strict budgets because of the hard times we are in, you can go all out on the decorations for your sweetheart table and still save money since you will have to decorate an entire head table. All eyes will be on you at your specially decorated sweetheart table.

Whatever you decide, it will be the right choice. It's your personal preference for your special day and whatever works best in your situation. If your goal is to be sure to speak to all of your guests to thank them for being their on your special day, then the sweetheart table would be the right choice.

Happy Planning!

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